our vision is that the journey would be:

"A prayerfully driven movement of Biblical discipleship that reaches the campus, builds the church, and changes the world. A movement of disciples who are on a journey to discover and live out their unique God-given calling. A movement of disciples who live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and make disciples like Jesus. A movement that produces a lifelong priesthood of Christ followers and church leaders.

will you join us in making it so?

for the next 21 days, as we approach the beginning of a new year, we are asking you to join us in prayer. We will provide you with the prayers, all you have to do is pray them.

"Test me in this . . . and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it."

- Malachi 3:10

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Thanksgiving for New Beginnings

Father God, hear our prayer today. Today marks the start of a new beginning for this ministry, and for Kennesaw State University, two new beginnings that we hope are inseparably fuzed together to fuel a biblical movement of discipleship, worship, and service. A new journey. Let a bounty of new seeds be sown. Let the field be properly tended, cultivated, fertilized, and watered, all for Your glory. As we begin this new year today Lord, hold us in your hands, forever nurturing us, equipping us, calling us, and sending us to be Your chosen leaders among this campus, in Your Church, and in the world. Let everything we say and do shed light on your life-giving message, and should it not fall in this scope, immediately remove it from us. We are forever grateful for your love, grace and mercy, and for this new beginning. We stand here, united in Spirit, excited to see what you will do through us this year! Seeking and ready to serve as we follow Christ, we journey on. Amen.

Leading His Creation

Amazing Creator God, hear our prayer today. You created us. You created the earth we walk on. The flowers in the field, the birds in the air, and the fish in the sea. Everything that we see with our eye that is organic and pure, you created it. But your creation is so much more vast and wonderful than even that. The stars, the moons, the heavens, the skies, the galaxies, all are Yours. As our ability to create and rapidly advance technology has increased, so has our ability to see just how magnificent and grand your creation really is, like the images that have come back to us from the Hubble spacecraft. So has our ability to engage what it means to be Your creation, with dominion over the Earth. This great privilege comes with great responsibility. A responsibility that we all too aware we neglect and miss the mark on. Forgive us when we fail to lead Your creation God, and raise us up, the students, faculty, staff, and leaders of The Journey University Ministries at Kennesaw State University, as Your chosen leaders, with wisdom, discernment, authority and a bold voice, to be good stewards of the responsibilities you’ve given us leading Your creation. To You alone be the glory. Amen.

Leading His Church

Gracious, Holy, Living God, hear our prayers today. You have called us out of darkness and into a marvelous light. You have gathered us in order to send us. You strengthen us, equip us, call us and send us as Your Church, visible and invisible, to proclaim your word and share in the Bread of Life with one another and to pass the Cup of Salvation on to our neighbors, no matter who they are or what they are, all in response to the grace and mercy you have extended to us as an act of unfathomable love. As we begin this new year at KSU Lord, please continue to do just that, strengthening our students, faculty, staff, and the leadership of our ministry, equipping them, calling them, and sending them to lead Your Church, proclaiming the reason for which we have hope in Jesus Christ, sharing in the Bread of Life, and passing the Cup of Salvation in community with one another and sharing it with our neighbors, no matter who they might be. And as we do this, Father, pour into us your Holy Spirit, so that what we speak, and what we do, may be in the fruit of Your Spirit, in accord with Your will, and always giving glory to You. Amen.

Leading His People

Gracious God, the college campus is often like a turbulent sea. It’s full of choppy waters, beautiful and dangerous things lurking in the darkness beneath the surface, and storms that seem to come out of nowhere. So as we lead your people at Kennesaw State University, let us be like a lighthouse, a light on a hill, radiating your Truth and Peace, bearing Your Light into the darkness, leading them to safe harbor in relationship with you. Amen.

A Chosen Race

Loving Father, hear our prayers. You carefully made us, male and female, you made us, in your image and you called us your chosen race. Let us overcome the temptations to be divisive and prejudice. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, let us see that we are united as heirs to Your kingdom, not divided over doctrines and details. When we falter, forgive us and restore through your Word. Let us be good stewards of the authority and dominion that you have granted us as we proclaim your excellencies at KSU. Amen.

A Royal Priesthood

God, you have shown your favor upon us. You have called us. You have chosen us. Let us receive your consecration with the fruit of the Spirit and be good stewards with all you provide us and call us to do, for your sake. This is YOUR ministry, not ours. As we seek to fulfill our calling as Your Royal Priesthood, protect our hearts and our minds from deception. Protect our ministry from false teaching. Protect those whom you entrust to our care and nurturing as they seek to discover and claim you as theirs. Amen.

…like Jesus

Gracious God, hear our prayers. We know it is written; Romans 8:29 For from the very beginning God decided that those who came to him…should become like his Son… (TLB). We know that you want to us become more like Jesus. We know that this should be all we seek to become in life. That everything else is less than this. No fancy titles. No giant egos. No Hollywood glamour or book deals. We know that we are to become less so that you can become more, and be seen in us. Help us make it so. Help us make it so. Help us make it so. Amen.

Make Disciples Like Jesus

Gracious Father, it’s clear by your Word and your love for us that you have acted on our behalf, so that we would respond. Sometimes we don’t know how to respond. The noise in our world, the pressures of school and work and family, the anxieties of economic turmoil, and the influence of a broken world that is gripped with sin and self, all combine to make it highly easy to become distracted and unfocused. But we know this is exactly what the enemy wants. The enemy wants us to remain separate from you. We believe Jesus modeled what discipleship, intentional discipleship, looks like. We believe he modeled what it means to cleave to you, to hold fast to you, to choose to make an intentional, disciplined effort to follow Him as disciples. So as The Journey seeks to be intentional in answering Your call to make disciples like Jesus, hear our prayers, remove the stumbling blocks in our own hearts, the logs in our own eyes, the distractions that keep us from being focused on You. Pour your power and Holy Spirit into our lives so that we may always be ready to share the reason for which we have hope and have the required authority, knowledge, and fruit of the spirit as we invite others to come and follow you with us. Amen.

Love like Jesus.

Lord of ALL Creation, of ALL children red, yellow, black, and white, you rescue, redeem, and restore each and every single one of us. That’s hard for us to admit sometimes. Especially when it comes to other Christians. Sometimes it’s like we’re our own worst enemies, and in the process, we become divisive, hateful, disgusting, and sinful; we miss the mark. The Psalmist reminds us that You keep the pillars steady when the earth totters. Forgive us, because more often than not, we forget this truth. We claim to be the ones with all the answers. We claim to have the perfect doctrines. We profess we know your every character, trait, and ability. We profess, and worse yet, act as if we are righteous by our own actions, by our own intellect and knowledge of you, when we know you not. We pretend we’re You, and falsely convince ourselves that we are the ones who keep the pillars steady when the earth totters. We’ve become more focused on proving we’re right with our big words and flashy acts and less focused on seeking your face, your Word, your will for our lives. Bring us to our knees God. Humble us God. Let us make You greater God. Equip us with your grace, power, and Holy Spirit Lord that we might have the capacity, the heart, and the humility to love like Jesus. Amen.

Live like Jesus.

Our Father in Heaven, hear our prayers. You’ve made it clear to us through the teaching of Your Word. Jesus came to save us, not condemn us. He came to free us from the death of sin, and give us life. And he showed us what it means to live. From the moment of His birth, through His teaching and ministry, His betrayal and brutal death, and ultimately, His resurrection, there is a constancy in Christ’s message to us: Come and follow me, and live! As The Journey seeks to build community on the KSU campus Father, let us do so with Christ as the center of our universe, with our eyes fixed upon Him, seeking to live like Him and honor Him in all that we do. Amen!

Living The Call

Our Father in Heaven, hear our prayers today. You’ve already blessed us with the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, our Savior. And that would be enough for us, but we know there is more. We know you blessed us so that we would respond, so that your creation would ultimately be restored, so that we could in response to your blessing, bless others. And you call us. You call each of us by name, with a unique calling, just for us, each and every one of us, whom you created, in your image you’ve created us, to be a blessing to others. As we seek to live out the callings you have given to us, both as a community, and as individuals, give us boldness, confidence, assurance, accountability, and humility to do so, never forgetting that we must become less in order to make You greater. And in the process, may The Journey University Ministries at KSU be forever blessed with the privilege, the responsibility, and the prize that it is, to be your blessing in the process of equipping students and young adults to do the same. Let our leaders effectively model what it means to be living the call, Your call. And let us do so with great joy, the joy like that of a child running towards the arms of their father. Amen!

The Joy of Discovery

Gracious Lord and God, You are the source of our life, our love, and our joy. Sometimes we forget that. Forgive us in these moments, and lead us into a faith that is like that of a child, discovering the richness of Your love, Your grace, Your Spirit. Guide us as we seek to discover our unique callings as members of this community. And let that discovery be full of great joy! Amen!